Best rhythm games to play for android available in 2016

Getting your ROCK ON with Rockband was one of favorite experiences of playing video games. I was able to live out my fantasies of being a rock star despite not being able to play a lick of any instruments. The last game in the series was released in November 2008 and it seems as though the franchise has failed to translate to mobile gaming.

So I went on a hunt to find good rhythm games to play on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 7) and went through a catalogue of rhythm based games in the play store. Many of these games are also available on iOS app store so Apple fans can also tune in for this list.

  1. Music Hero

This looks and feel a lot like the Guitar Hero and if you have played that before, you will be able to instantly jump into it. Bright primary colors dominate the screen and you are bombarded with the task of hitting the beats at the right time to try to get a high score. What separates this game from the others on the list is that you can use your own music as long as it is in MP3 format.

  1. Santa Rockstar

Next on our list is a Guitar Hero clone with a festive theme, a Santa. This isn’t your average ho-ho-ho cracking Santa. Oh no. He is all rock and even has massive muscular frame to handle all that mosh pit can throw at him. Fully rendered 3D graphics are a delight for your eyes and the control is one of the most responsive that I tested.

  1. LoveLive! School Idol Festival

Also available on iOS, this game hails from Japan and features cutesy Anime girls as the main attractions. Don’t let the overly cute look fool you though, this game is action packed and will test your rhythmic talents to the max. Unlike the typical rhythmic games available, LoveLive! Actually has a storyline that was interesting enough for me to want to finish it. You can also form your own Idol Group with other Anime characters, another novel feature in this genre.

  1. Deemo

Rhythm game that tells a compelling story, coupled with fantastic animations? Sign me up! Deemo is an engrossing music based game that features tracks filled with pianos. It’s hard to describe this game in words, but you can safely try it out without expecting any disappointments. Check out the gameplay video below to get a feel for what Deemo is all about.

  1. Beats Advanced Rhythm Game

A clone of Dance Dance Revolution!, Beats is an Android only music-based rhythm game that only comes with 10 songs. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s enough to keep you busy for hours. And no, you do not need the actual DDR mats to play this rhythm game. All you need are your trusty, dexterous fingers to hit the notes at the perfect time to rack up the scores.

  1. Cytus

The most polished and fun rhythm based game to play on our list. In this futuristic music game, you assume the role of a robot that has inherited the earth. Your job? To get your beats on of course! Packed with 200 songs, Cytus is the most acclaimed rhythm game available for both Android and iOS. Developers are constantly updating the game with new songs and multiple game modes will keep your fingers glued on your smartphone for hours on ends.

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